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Track Magical: Fantasy Baseball Player Tracker

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Twitter is an amazing resource with the world's real-time knowledge flowing from experts across all kinds of topics -- but that knowledge gets buried and lost.

Track Magical is here to capture the knowledge inside Twitter. Fantasy baseball is the first topic to unlock.

The board is FREE but costs a lot to run all of the automation. Please consider becoming a member to sustain this resource!

Membership sustains the curated, aggregated & automated tracking of baseball players by team. Over 1500 have real-time tracking!

Great for fantasy baseball managers playing in deep dynasty keeper leagues or any baseball maniac who wants to know about the key prospects in their team's farm system.

Player cards have a curated feed from the best sources and experts on Twitter, aggregating comments automatically and updating all the time! Over 100 experts on Twitter are tracked with comments organized by each baseball player.

please note: mega boards are best experienced on larger screens like desktops and computers fast enough to handle a ton of data!

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Membership Supports:

Automated Tracking
1500+ Baseball Players
Board Maintenance
~100 hours a year
$12+ a year

Track Magical: Fantasy Baseball Player Tracker

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